Surf Kayaking Tips


No matter, whoever you are or whatever be your surf kayaking expertise, remembering the following tips would always ensure you a safe and fun surf kayaking experience, all the time!

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Some Tips For Surf Kayaking

Beginner or not, always start on a small surf and gradually move towards a bigger one as and when you gain the confidence and stability.

If you are a newbie-kayak-surfer, it is better to stay away from the dumping waves as they are riskier when compared to the spilling waves.

It is always the best practice to board the kayak, where the surf hits the shore as the movement of the kayak is restricted here.

To surf, the shore break is quite dangerous, as the shallow water conditions are highly unsuitable for the action.

Always be mindful of the distance with respect to your fellow kayakers and surfers to avoid any mishaps.

When the ocean is thronged by the kayak surfers like you, it is only best to avoid surfing backward as you might not be so sure of your fellow-surfers presence.

Matching the speed of the waves is the key to successful surf kayaking or else you might get turned down by the waves, unfortunately.

A sit-on-top kayak is the best gear for a beginner-surfer as entering and exiting the water are effortless.

When you position yourself appropriately behind the breaking wave, your landing can be always smoother. Also, remember not to get yourself pushed out in front of the landing wave while attempting to land.

If you are planning to use the conventional sit-in kayaks, ensure to master the Eskimo roll technique to self-rescue yourself in the event of any flip overs.