The Sit-on-top Kayaks


The sit-on-top kayak is the most preferred surf kayak variety as it is comfortable to handle even by a beginner-surfer. As the name indicates, these kayaks contain an open space on the top of the kayak, where the paddler can sit comfortably and control his/her surfing actions, accordingly. The design features of these kayaks are similar to the typical surfboards and therefore, offer better surfing conditions, unlike the conventional sit-in kayaks.

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The Pros of using these SOT kayaks are,

Comfort: The seating area is not confined, like in the sit-in kayaks and therefore, the surfers, irrespective of their body sizes and shapes can comfortably position themselves without any problem.

Safety: With a sit-in kayak, one has to master the techniques called Eskimo roll or wet exits to safely escape an overturned situation. Whereas, in a sit-on-top kayak, there is no need of mastering such specialized techniques because the seating area is not confined and therefore, even if your kayak tips over you can easily self-rescue yourself by just flipping it over and getting back to the paddling action as quickly as possible.

Ease of use: These kayaks are self-bailing and therefore, the water exits the kayak through the scupper holes present in them, without you have to exclusively pump it. Likewise, accessing the storage areas is also easier in these sit-on-top kayaks. With a sit-on-top kayak, getting in and out of the water is so easy that makes even the nervous beginner-surfer tension-free.

Overall, the sit-on-top kayaks provide a more pleasant surfing expedition, appreciable even by an inexperienced surfer!