Surf Kayaking

Surf Kayaking

The watersports are indeed fun and the intensity increases even more with the availability of adventurous watersports techniques like the ‘Surf Kayaking’. To the unknowns, it is a technique in where the exciting ocean swells are handled aka surfed using the surf kayaks, adventurously. That is, instead of the usual surfboards, here, the surfer uses a different weapon of choice called the surf kayak, in where he/she can actually sit and control the water and its waves, excitingly and effectively.

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Surfing the wild ocean

The surf kayak, which is exclusively designed for surfing the wild ocean waves, differs from the other kayaks in this particular feature, which is, just like the usual surfboards, there are fin clusters present at the rear that help to handle or catch the ocean waves effectively thus, allowing the surfer to safely and adventurously surf the ocean.

The two popular types of surf kayaks preferred by the surfers are the sit-in kayak and the latest, sit-on-top kayak. The sit-in kayak resembles a canoe, whereas a sit-on-top kayak resembles more of a surfboard and hence, mostly preferred by the surfers to pursue the surf kayaking, these days.

The surf kayaks can also be classified into following 2 categories based on their functionalities, which are

High-Performance Surf Kayaks: Equipped with a cluster of 4 fins, these are capable of offering high-speed dynamic movements.

International Class: These kayaks are used in International surf kayaking competition and are of usually 3 meters in length. Due to their greater hull speed, they can catch harder ocean waves than atypical HP surf kayak.